Charly B Sweatshirts

The Story Behind the Phenomenon:

CharlyB Sweatshirts never really went away they just took a break for 23 years as Chuck and Patty followed other entrepreneurial ideas. Those kids and young adults that grew up in the 1980s and lived part time in their CharlyB sweatshirts have continued over the years inquiring or button holing Chuck and Patty as to where can they get more CharlyB’s. With the help of the internet and a small retail display in our new storage facility we have recycled them and are presently building and expanding this website so that we may respond to the world wide demand.

Chuck Bair is the founder and namesake for CharlyB. Chuck worked for Kahn’s Men’s Store before purchasing Anderson’s Men’s Store in 1979. Many Sunday dinners were spent brainstorming what the name of our new retail store should be.

How do you create the phenomenon that CharlyB became? Once we had the store cleaned up and re-merchandised by Patty, Chuck suggested that we put CharlyB on sweatshirts and T-shirts. Patty thought that was nuts, but we did order a few dozen of which we gave most of those away to staff and friends. We had created some intrigue when first marketing the store name CharlyB and the sweatshirt added to that mystique and created the wave of popularity we enjoyed. Chuck was the creative force, but once the sweatshirts had gained some attention it was the magical merchandising of Patty assisted by LeAnn plus the drawing power and enthusiasm of our staff. We were known for beautiful and friendly sales clerks, Barbi, Vicki, LeAnn, Denise, Sonya, Phyllis, Joan, Claudette, Pat, Andrea, Jane, Kelli, Kelly, Tricia, Chris, Erin, Bev, Shelly, Rona, Frank, Mitzi, Sean, & Donnie.

We too are nostalgic about the early 1980’s as downtown Bremerton was still viable with our flagship store kiddy corner from JCPenneys, across the street from Woolworth’s and down the block from Nordstrom’s Place Two. It was a simpler time when parents were parents, we cruised town, Mom was a homemaker washing your CharlyB sweatshirt and Lawman or Levi jeans a couple times a week and fixed Dad’s brown bag lunch every day as he went off to work in the shipyard.

We are happy to be back! We look forward to hearing your CharlyB story and writing the next chapter.

CharlyB Regards,

Chuck & Patty Bair